Real-Time Adjudication

Our platform offers a highly efficient real-time adjudication feature that empowers pharmacies with the ability to manage their formularies instantly at the point of sale. This cutting-edge functionality allows for the immediate rejection of high-cost and non-formulary products when a third-party claim is executed, thereby ensuring a fully compliant formulary management rebate program. Additionally, our adjudication system is uniquely designed for long-term care and is compatible with all pharmacy operating systems.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, and as such, we work closely with pharmacy and facility groups to develop clinically appropriate formularies that can effectively maximize cost containment efforts. Our commitment to delivering optimal results is unwavering, and we are always striving to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our platform to further benefit our valued partners.

Platform Benefits

  • Compatible with all pharmacy operating systems
  • Compliant formulary management at the point of sale
  • Detailed claim information for risk mitigation
  • Optimizes clinical appropriateness with cost containment
  • Efficient dispensing, including high cost alerts, refill too soon thresholds, package size edits, NDC exclusions and custom rules
  • Validate compliance with customers through detailed reporting

What They Say

“LithiaRX is a true partner in helping us optimize the program so we can continue to show value to our downstream clients through lower drug pricing. LithiaRX’s team has extensive knowledge and they are the trusted partner in the formulary management space. There is no one else in the market doing it as well as LithiaRX.”

Chuck Benain, RPh
COO, UnitedRX